Cornel Hillmann, Media Design


Save Cambodia's Wildlife

Client: Save Cambodia’s Wildlife

Project: Climate Change Animation

Production: Cornel Hillmann, Emerging Entertainment



Save Cambodia’s Wildlife, a environmental non-governmental organization in Cambodia, was in need of a communication tool to educate the rural population in Cambodia on the issues of climate change. A great number of rural Cambodians are illiterate and the communication needed to reach a broad audience spectrum in terms of age and education, to explain what action effects climate change and bio-diversity and how actions of each individual contribute in context of the global big picture.



It was important to develop a concept that is easy to understand, very visual and entertaining enough to hold the attention of the prospective audience on the complex nature of the subject matter. The final concept was based on a cartoon host character that introduces each segment with a whiteboard animation. All animated illustrations were designed to reach the target audience with an easy-to-follow visual style and have since been presented by field workers at group gatherings in the Cambodian countryside.