Cornel Hillmann, Media Design


BenWirth Licht

Client: BenWirth Licht

Project: Product Launch Animation

Production: Cornel Hillmann, Emerging Entertainment



BenWirth Licht, one of Germany’s leading light design companies, needed to communicate the unique features of its new Cluster Modell. Due to the dual axis concept, the futuristic lamp made it possible to light any spot in the room. For the launch it was necessary to communicate the extreme flexibility of the device and how it sets it apart from the other models in an intuitive and non-technical way.



Together with the client the visual concept of a performing acrobat, symbolizing the agility of the device, was developed as a CG animation for the product launch. The film clip shows an exercising acrobat whose extreme moments fade into the actual movements of the lamp. The film clip served as a visual introduction and an eye-catcher for product presentations with the benefit of being easy to understand and fun to watch