Cornel Hillmann, Media Design



Client: Ambinator

Project: Interface & Logo Design

Design, Mock-ups & Production:
Cornel Hillmann, Emerging Entertainment



Ambinator, the innovative iPhone music player, was in need of a new logo design and interface concept. A balance between simplicity and the app’s core principles was needed.
The logo had to work in thumbnail size in the App Store, on the splash screen, as well as in a responsive web format. Logo and interface concept were intended to be part of the design roadmap for a new version called Ambinator 2.0.



Logo and interface concept were conceptualized, using a blend of vector graphics, compositing and 3D visuals. The final logos, splash pages and web-banners were produced in a variety of color flavors to match the theme of the various app versions. In the final stage the new interface concept was visualized as guideline for the coding phase
and for final production