Cornel Hillmann, Media Design



About Emerging Entertainment:

Emerging Entertainment (EE) was launched as a media development label by Cornel Hillmann with the idea to explore the opportunities that emerging technologies bring to media and entertainment productions. EE has been producing in Europe and SE Asia, covering game development, animation, visualization and VFX projects.

EE has been working with virtual teams and a large network of technology and creative partners to deliver scalable new media solutions to projects of any size.


About Cornel Hillmann:

Cornel Hillmann is a CG artist and media designer with a passion for virtual reality, since the early days.

Cornel started his career as an art director in Los Angeles after receiving his diploma in computer graphics from Platt College, Alhambra, California. He was the founder of CNT Media GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, and Emerging Entertainment Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. Cornel has also produced the CG Artist DVD training series for media professionals in the visual effects industry and has lectured at Universities in SE Asia on the topics of character animation, virtual reality and visual effects.